Hilary Janks Model Of Critical Discourse Analysis Essay

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There has been a great fear of terrorism and the way they recruit people. This assignment we will be looking at one particular terrorist group that became far more dangerous than Al-Qaeda-ISIS.In this assignment we will be exploring how this terrorist group became notorious by looking into the groups background, using Hilary Janks Model of Critical discourse analysis and concept such as discourse analysis, power, other and digital texts to get their message across and some digital texts. Discourse analysis is a broad term for the study of the ways in which language is used in texts and contexts. Discourse analysis is concerned with “the use of language in a running discourse, continued over a number of sentences and involving the interaction…show more content…
Differences in identity and power affect who has the right to speak and act in different situations as well as who gets heard when they do speak or noticed when they take action. Our attitudes to these differences affect our ideas of whose language is important and whose is not. They affect decisions about whose language is appropriate and inappropriate. They affect people’s opportunities and life chances. But language is also used to challenge the way things are. By refusing to consent and by working together people can bring about change (Janks, 2014:5-6). ISIS used language and propaganda to their advantage. Power of language is the use of dominance over those that have no power through propaganda in this case. ISIS carries a flag written “There is no God, but Allah”. This is a clear brainwash but it is not as visible because of power – the leaders say this and followers follow accordingly. Terrorist groups usually have power over people because our lives rest in them. Knowing full well that they have this dominance they use the power of language to get their message across and usually get what they

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