Influence Of Elizabeth In Shakespeare's 'Pride And Prejudice'

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12 February, 2018 Influence on Elizabeth Over the course of life, dozens of people can help shape and influence the way one acts, present themselves, and thinks of themselves as well as others. In the novel Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet’s friends, family, and other acquaintances sculpt the way she lives her life. The people who have the greatest impact on Elizabeth challenge her to think, feel, and trust in a brand new way. Throughout the novel, Mr. Bennet keeps a witty attitude about him, keeping the mood light and enjoyable. This proves especially effective when his tightly wound wife lets her nerves get the best of her. One of five sisters, Elizabeth’s wit and independence make her Mr. Bennet’s favorite daughter. Because of his favor toward her, Elizabeth becomes very close with her father. She seems to observe how her father’s light mood and joshing comments keeps people at ease, and begins…show more content…
In Jane, Elizabeth has someone she can open up to, spilling all of her secrets and having no fear of judgement or exposure. Jane’s optimism can comfort, as well as concern Elizabeth. It gives her hope when she needs the encouragement, but also makes her question if Jane can decipher between someone who truly means to do evil and someone who merely presented themselves in the wrong light. Jane’s kindness helps Elizabeth to become more compassionate and friendly, especially with people who may have wronged her. The undying optimism Jane shows does not have the same effect on her sister though. In fact it seemed to work just the opposite. Elizabeth becomes more skeptical of people in order to make sure she knows the intentions of others before she places her trust in them. This skepticism grows throughout the novel due to a few mistakes made by Elizabeth herself and her father, Mr. Wickham’s acquaintance the greatest of
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