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An entrepreneur is basically an initiator, challenger and driver. Entrepreneur is basically a person who is in charge of a venture, activity or a project. An entrepreneur is a person who sits at the top and at the driver’s seat from where he changes the direction, accelerates, slow down and sometimes stop the project or the venture. He is a person who looks to exercise the initiatives by organizing the project and implementing it. An entrepreneur is also a risk taker, he is the person who invests capital and eventually looks to explore the business opportunities. In most of the situations, an entrepreneur is the sole proprietor, sometimes a partner and even the person who owns the majority of shares in the venture. Along with this, entrepreneur…show more content…
If the family runs individual business, than it more likely than not that the individual becomes an entrepreneur too (Shane, 2013). Influences: The major influence for an entrepreneur is the self belief. If an entrepreneur does not have self belief he cannot actually influence others and eventually cannot be influenced by others also. The major influence that makes the entrepreneur a committed one and someone who has the ability to bring the best out of him in any situation is all about being inspired and influenced by someone (Ries, 2011). Entrepreneurship is something which each one of us wants to become. However, not everybody ends up becoming an entrepreneur. The reason is simple; sometimes the lack of resources hinders the idea of an individual to become an entrepreneur. The influence however for an individual is the element of creativity. An individual has to set a role model and an example that he should look upon for inspiration. An influence for an entrepreneur does not need to be someone who is successful; sometimes the influence and the role model can be someone simple and ordinary. It is actually important for an entrepreneur to have the inspiration (Ries,…show more content…
An entrepreneur has to have all the above discussed traits, competencies and skills to succeed. One cannot succeed until he follows the guidelines and if he does not assess his own self. Entrepreneurship in fact is all about evaluating yourself regularly. Entrepreneurship is all about being responsive, committed, dedicated and ready to accept the challenges. An entrepreneur can succeed even with hard work and determination. References Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive by William J. Baumol, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 98, No. 5, Part 1 (Oct., 1990), pp. 893-921 Ferriani, S., Cattani, G., C. Baden-Fuller (2009) "The Relational Antecedents of Project-Entrepreneurship: Network Centrality, Team Composition and Project Performance", Research Policy, 2009, 38 (10): 1545–1558. Hisrich, R. D. M. P. Peters, & D. A. Shepherd (2010): Entrepreneurship, 8th Ed., McGraw Hill Levy, D., and M. Scully 2007 'The institutional entrepreneur as modern prince: The strategic face of power in contested fields '. Organization Studies 28(07)

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