How Do Eugenics Influence Deaf People

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III. Influence The concrete examples can embody the influence of eugenics. Thus, here lists some cases based on the impact of eugenics. A few years ago, a couple (lesbian) decided to have a child. Both of them were deaf and they were proud of it, so they wanted the child to be a deaf people. They did not think deafness was a kind of physical disability, and they though deafness was just a kind of lifestyle. They wanted their child to inherit the deafness. Through their efforts, their child—Gawain was born deaf. They succeeded in change the character of their child before he born, although it looked it is not good for their child by public. There is no denying that the eugenics realized the dream of them—“select” the child they want. There…show more content…
On one hand, Eugenic can make the life of human future generation longer, more talented and therefore be more achievement. Otherwise On the other hand, eugenic also can prevent the next generation inherit the unsound genetic, the future generation will be healthier. On the other hand, the extreme eugenic is inhuman. 1907, Indiana adopted a birth control law, which forced the mental patients, prisoner and poor people to do the sterilization operation. There were nine states adopted the compulsory sterilization operation law since then. It made more than 60000 "flawed genes" of Americans did the sterilization operation. “Once men realized that they could improve future generations by manipulating heredity they would cease searching for environ-mental solutions to political problems-poor laws, factory laws, sanitation laws—and would begin constructing a society in which eugenic values were supreme.” (Ruth S. C., 1972) Although the later governor of these state apologized to these people who were forced to do the sterilization operation, it was unlikely to compensate for their…show more content…
Adolf Hitler was one of the admirers. In his famous book—"mein kampf"; He though it is justified to prevent the birth of flawed offspring similar with their defective parents. It is the behavior of the humanitarian if people perform it systematically. It would save millions of sufferer, thus it will bring the improvement of the overall human health. Hitler described in "mein kampf". Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, and in 1934, Germany implemented the eugenics law—patients with hereditary disease could be imposed sterilization. It has a far-reaching influence. Finally, the eugenics of Hitler was beyond the scope of sterilization and turned into genocide. "’Hereditary Talent and Character’ contains a rudimentary description of such a eugenic utopia, a society which has accepted ‘race improvement’ as the basis of its ethical code.” (Ruth S. C., 1972) Once the eugenics tied to coercion it will turn into

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