Influence Of European Imperialism On India

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Thematic Essay: Explain how European Imperialism influenced both Africa and India in similar and different ways. The Influence of the European Imperialism on Africa and India Imperialism influenced both Africa and India in similar and different ways. To understand these ways, firstly, there should be a general idea of what imperialism is. It is something that has existed since the earliest times of human civilization. The point of it was to get hold of natural resources, subdue enemies, accumulate wealth, and to win power, supremacy, and glory. Nations turned to imperialism for economic gain. This was, also, true for European Imperialism. Europe had turned to imperialism for their own gain. This would then lead to Africa and India being influenced…show more content…
The East India Company came to India during the Seven Years' War and controlled most of it by 1763. The company expected natural resources and raw materials to be given to them by India. This was imperialism in the sense that it was to get a hold of natural resources and accumulate wealth. On top of this, they, also, were imperialist in the sense that they wanted power. The British not only had their own military, but had the local rulers on their side, too. They had sepoys, Indian soldiers, to help them out, too. This eventually led to the Sepoy Mutiny. Europeans in India were imperialist in the sense that they wanted to spread their beliefs. Lots of Christian Missionaries came to India. Also, the British kept taking over Indian states. But the thing that really started it was that the cartridges were made from cow and pig grease which was against Hindu and Muslim culture and belief. The Indians certainly didn’t like this and revolted. It became very violent. Finally, another way European Imperialism influenced India is by ending the cotton industries in India. They wanted the cotton for their own factories. Many Indians died because of this and their local businesses were harmed, too. Therefore, European Imperialism influenced India in its own…show more content…
One similarity is that they both had to deal with missionaries. They introduced and converted people to Christianity. As mentioned before, Dr. Livingstone was a missionary. Missionaries, also, came to India. This was imperialist since the goal was to spread their belief. Secondly, Europeans just split up Africa and India for themselves. European countries competed for Africa. In India, the British drove out the French and the Dutch. This was imperialist since they just wanted land. Next, culture was altered for pretty much forever. In Africa, their culture was scattered and was destroyed to the point where most of it is lost forever. Most no longer have one specific culture they identify with as their own have been pushed around. In India, because of the British rule, in the end, the countries segregated. They were split into multiple different countries. Finally, ways of life and government changed in both Africa and India. Before the Europeans came with an imperialist mindset, they both had their own ways of running things. However, once the Europeans came and left, they had to go with a new form of government. They had to figure out how to run this new government the Europeans had left behind. Thus, both Africa and India were influenced by European Imperialism in similar ways. Ergo, European Imperialism influenced both Africa and India. They displayed their imperialistic point of views through their motives.
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