Influence Of Evil In Macbeth

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Introduction Although most readers of Macbeth have argued that Macbeth doesn’t lose his mind, duty, and love of life but, closer examination shows that through his action his psyche has evolved. Macbeth can be shown to be losing his mind because when he is in the woods, he has a vision of a dagger which leads him to Duncan’s bed where he ultimately kills Duncan. He has lost his sense of duty because the one whom he pledged his loyalty to, he has betrayed and slaughtered. He can be shown to have lost the love of life because when he is told of Lady Macbeth's death, he has no emotion except that he had expected it. All of these things, though stem from the evolution of his psyche through his atrocious murders.

How the First Murder Created a
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Shakespeare uses metaphors to show the effects of evil influences on Macbeth such as visions of daggers to lead Macbeth to do his evil deed. The witches are the first and main symbols of evil in Macbeth and are what initially drives Macbeth to commit the murder of Duncan. Jessica Hecht talks about the opening scene saying “this short and unexpected opening scene of just thirteen lines introduces the audience into the play’s mood of evil, blood, and…show more content…
Macbeth had over the course of the three stages of evil many downfalls such as his love of life and friends. He previously had a brother and a father figure but he killed them for greatness and envy. In return for these murders, he obtained everything he wanted until he wondered if it was worth all he had done all the people he had killed to have it and then all he had was justly taken from him. His psyche evolved many times throughout the play but it evolved most when he committed a murder in which it was someone close to him. He had friends and relationships but lost to his temptation and that is what ultimately destroyed
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