Why Is Fashion Important In The 1920s

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1920s Fashion
The 1920’s was a dynamic influence on men’s and women’s fashion. Moreso the impact woman had on society and how their influence manipulated the fashion of the 1920s. Jazz,World War I, prohibition, the 19th Amendment are just some of the factors that contributed to the dramatic shift in the culture that we still admire today. During this time ‘the fashion landscape shifted like tectonic plates” (“retro”), everyone wanted to be in style and have the newest and glamorous clothes. Designer brands and unique hairstyles is still a lifestyle that we still see in today 's society and is growing.
The fashion of the 1920 s is a reflection of peoples extravagant lifestyles and elevated thinking. It was an exciting time to be a woman because more freedoms and opportunities were available, not to mention woman gaining the right to vote . There were new patterns of clothing, bras,and smaller corsets not to mention that most of the clothing was made by the woman themselves. Through the years woman have stayed at home and not had much involvement in the society. It wasn 't until the 1920s
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The 1920s influence is still seen in today 's culture, many people still embrace the 1920s as an age of great change and individualism. This age made woman who they are today, not only through fashion but by breaking down barriers to new forms of lifestyles not discovered by the common people. Not only was fashion used to express the rebellious lifestyle but today it is used to express who people are and where they come from as in what their occupation is as well as gender and race. Without the fashion of the 1920s fashion would be but a synonym for clothing and would have no meaning or power towards it. Therefore the 1920s was the most influential time period for men and woman’s fashion but mostly woman’s fashion because it broke boundaries so that women could succede

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