Influence Of Feminism And Advertisement

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Since time immemorial, advertisement in its most basic form has been a tool for spreading culture and advancement in the society. Media representation of women has been a popular and consented area of research and an ongoing issue in public debate. With men being stereotyped as the ‘ultimate head’ of a family, of society, women are always classified as the weaker sex, the ultimate ‘homemaker’ of a family who is ought to be a good cook, look after the welfare of the family. Living in today’s 21st century, it is still disheartening to see women categorized as homemakers, 3 teachers, nurses and doctors which reflect an extension of household work. With internet, feminism and advertisement has grown manifold hand in hand, making its mark on the equality of gender in the society. The word 'feminism ' as described in the dictionary first described is the doctrine advocating social, political, academic and all other rights of women equal to those of men. It is an organized movement for the attainment of such rights of women. It also states a 'feminine ' character. The word first originated in France and Netherlands in 1872 as 'les feministes ', Great Britain in the 1890s and the United States in 1904. The Oxford English Dictionary listed the first appearance of the word 'feminist ' in 1894 and 'feminism ' in 1895. Feminists or feminist activists campaigns for women 's rights such as in contract law, property and voting, while also promoting bodily integrity, autonomy and

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