Film Influence On Society Essay

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(a) Film: (IQ-1) How does the art genre of film influence society?
(i) Research and investigate – work with a group to create a timeline of major events and people in history.

(ii) Consider: IQ-1 How does the genre of film influence society? Some questions you might like to consider to help you answer…….

(1) What do you like about watching films? What is the appeal? What kind of stories and effects do you like? Do you like happy endings? Cliff-hangers? Stories with open endings? Why? I like watching films because movies can stir my imagination.The movies conclude lots of unbelievable events,and the weirdest situations. These things can build tension, and it is very unpredictable.When I see a movie, I always predict what's going to happen next. And it is very interesting,and it has enough attraction to appeal me. My favourite
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brief biodata – Action Action is a type of genre which has many physical stunts and activity ,races and battles.They almost always have a brave hero who fights with some bad guys. This genre began with a short movie called ‘The great train robbery’ that directed by Edwin Stanton Potter. It is only 12 minutes, and it was made in In 1903. This movie became the important base in history of film. After that, the technology was developed, and one of the memorable action movie called ‘James Bond’ had big success in 1960s. It introduced many inspirations for the modern-day action film

(2) entry and interest in the world of film?
The first action movie was ‘The great train robbery’ in 1903, and there was a golden time of action film in 1960s.

(3) Major works and contributions to the world of film?
An action film called ‘James Bond’ which made in 1960s was the best major work. This film brought the golden time of action movie, and it concludes new special effects, so film producers of different generation could made films more realistic by watching ‘James Bond’.

(b) SP-1 Write a proposal for a film.

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