Influence Of Foreign Culture Of Indonesia

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1. Answer First of all when talking about the development of culture in the present is very dynamic. Why it is very dynamic, because a culture may have evolved with ease as the development of science and technology that can certainly facilitate a culture to have and face a change. Whether it is western culture, eastern culture, or other cultures in any hemisphere. Without forgetting any possibilities, the development of these cultures and can produce positive things and also negative. The development of this culture can be produced also from cultural influences from outside our region. This resulted in a change of culture within our own society. And of course, could give a positive and negative impact on our society itself. Here I will give an example of the influence and impact of the influence of foreign culture in Indonesia. Indonesia has a very strategic location and fertile land with abundant natural resources. The Past experience has puts Indonesia as a busy area and make it one of the lifeblood of the economy in Southeast Asia and the world. This leads to a lot of people from other countries come to Indonesia. According to Anthony Reid, State of Indonesia is a country under the wind, because of the importance of the position of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. The Strategic geographical situation had caused the free flow of foreign culture into Indonesia. Almost all cultures and ethnicities from Asia to Europe exist in Indonesia and also from western culture to

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