Influence Of Globalization On Culture

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With contacts among countries get increasing close, globalization has become one of the debated approaches in the contemporary period. Along with the opportunities that the globalization provided, challenges have also been presented. As one of the most contentions points on the impacts of globalization, the debate on culture diversities reaching new levels. Therefore, this essay proposes analyzing the relations and influences of globalization on culture. This paper could be basically composed of three parts: first of all, providing the basic concepts of culture and globalization and how they interrelated to each other; secondly, analyze the positive as well as the negative influence of globalization of culture. Thirdly, explaining globalization from the main international relations theories perspectives, namely realism, liberalism and Marxism.

Key words: Culture; Globalization; International Relations

Culture and Globalization British scholar John Tomlinson has explicitly offered in his book Globalization and Culture that: “Globalization lies at the heart of modern culture; cultural practices lie at the heart of globalization” (Tomlinson, 1999). In his view, globalization and culture have had a reciprocal relationship that is intrinsically to each other. With the background of globalization, different cultures flow in various ways around the world. Simultaneously, cultural exchange or cross-culture communication has also promoted the coexistence relationship
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