Influence Of Greed In Dr. Seuss 'The Lorax'

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No one can deny the influence that Dr. Seuss has among poets and children. His timeless work never fails to bring contentment to anyone who encounters them. Seuss uses his compositions to not only express his feelings through literature but to teach his readers an important theme that comes with each individual piece. Particularly, his renowned poem titled “The Lorax” is debatably one of his most accomplished works. This anecdote revolves around a Once-ler cutting Truffula trees to mass produce “Thneeds” for consumers. The Lorax, whom is the caretaker Truffula trees is against the production and the greed of the Once-ler and attempts to terminate his plans. Debatably, the “Lorax” is presumably the best literary art ever written as it advocates the importance of balance within an ecosystem, the greed presented in human kind, and to intervene in problematic causes.
The human race tends to take the ecosystem for advantage and disrupt the
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For instance, human beings are very dependent on trees to thrive. Through cellular respiration, trees are able to convert carbon dioxide emitted from humans into oxygen that is needed in the human body. In the Lorax, the Once-ler initiates with “I chopped just one tree. I am doing no harm.” and as the story progresses he evolved to “So I quickly invented my Super-Axe-Hacker which whacked off four Truffula Trees at one smacker.” This exhibits his change in demeanor from cutting down one tree to an abundance of trees. It shows the connection between the human industry destroying one tree and gradually taking many to satisfy the demand. According to National Geographic, nearly 80 percent of the world’s natural forest is depleted and “up to 90 percent of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared since 1900” (National Geographic).
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