Influence Of Ict In Language Learning

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Influence ICT tools use in language learning to improve communication skills in Arts and science colleges *Dinesh P, **Dr. J. Karthikeyan *Research Scholar, Department of English, School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University, Vellore. **Assistant professor (Senior) in English, School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University, Vellore. Abstract A resourceful English language teacher to equip with using variety of ICT tools is desirable in English language as a second language classroom. The challenges of language teacher instruction increases when prescribed English as a second Language with the help of course materials are constituted with too many interactive language proficiency activities. Most importantly ICT as a common…show more content…
Now, computer have found their way to classroom and everyone from school children to research students use computers to work for their own intellectual benefit”(Alexis leon,1999). It is universally accepted fact that ICT is accepted as very powerful tool to desirable change in the society. It brings desired modernity with the international understanding of language factors of social changes are only possible when ICT is gained by man. “The multimedia is now approachable to the common man- a person who does not have any formal training in multimedia tools”(Alexis Leon, 1999). ICT is very important tool because they are used in almost all the fields in the modern world. They are used in communication of information to one to other, Banking, Businesses, medical science, education media, sports and weather prediction and in our daily lives activities like entertainment. “Multimedia is extensively used for education and training in schools colleges business and at home .Multimedia education allows one to proceed at one’s own pace. It brings presentations alive with sounds, movies and interactivity”(Alexis Leon,…show more content…
(Stella Huard, 2008). The influence of AUDIO and VIDEO in English language classroom to use as tool to make language learning more interesting and motivating to improve their listening skill. It can enhance second language with two activities such as pre while and post listening. Both video and audio tools are most powerful tool for language provides not only context but also authenticity, motivation, interest and it gives great confidence level to the language learners through the gesture and body language and real vocabulary

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