Influence Of Indian Cinema

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1. Introduction:
Indian movies are very much popular in our country and movies are very much seen in Pakistan. Indian is a largest showbiz industry in the world and one of the main reasons of great influence of Indian cinema in our society and culture is because of downfall of Pakistani showbiz industry. Pakistani cinema is going down and working poorly. Indian cinema is promoting its culture through its movies and dramas, which are totally based on Hindu folklore. they are influencing our culture and values by showing us their dramas and movies which are totally based on their false believes and they are catching attention of our people by showing so much fantasy , colors and glitters in their movies and dramas. In this way they are spoiling
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It can also be said that the Indian movies satisfy their affective needs, social integrative needs & tension release needs. The viewer’s seek knowledge and share information with other and also increase their understanding about different cultural patterns by viewing the movies that may satisfy their cognitive needs. As majority of the viewers watch Indian films and other programs through cable television which provide variety of channels that fulfil their affective and social integrative needs. Movie provides them satisfaction and escape from daily routine and tensions that fulfil their affective and entertainment needs. As entertainment need, Indian movies have great acceptance and are being watched widely in Pakistan. These movies are not only watched on cable television but extensively available in form of CDs and DVDs elsewhere in Pakistan. Having easy access, these movies spread rapidly in Pakistan and have become one of the common entertainment…show more content…
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Research Methodology: In order to measure the effect of media, survey method has been applied to carry out this research. The present study is designed in order to explore and examine the impact of Indian movies on the Pakistani youth.
Survey is “qualitative social research in which one systematic asks many people the same Questions, then records and analyses their answers.” A survey is the systematic method of collecting data from population of interest that tends to be quantitative in nature and aims to gather Information from a sample of the population through the use of planned and standardized questionnaire (Maris, & King, 1999).In order to measure the effects of Indian movies on youth survey method has been applied to carry out this research. Survey will be conducted to know the effect of Indian movies on youth.
Sampling is the process of selecting people or things to represent those who are not selected. In this research study the researcher will adopt the non-probability sampling method. The sampling technique will be based on random sampling technique. The sample size will be based on 500 respondents. The universe of study will be the youth of” Haroonabad” will include both males and

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