Influence Of Islam In Africa

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The influence of Islam upon Africa

Islam was spread in Africa in the 8th century from the east. Nearly half of African population is Muslim (about 55 percent). It is the most popular religion in Africa. Islam is a part of Africa an over of 1438 years. Islam is a relationship between god, humankind and environment, a way of life and culture. It supports Africa in the development of culture and it’s economy. It became the largest religion in the country since the 10th century mostly in the Northern Africa and in the Mauritanians. The history of Islam in Africa can be put into three heading: How did it spread, where are they most located and what is its world population.

What is the meaning of diversity and what is Islam perspective
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In the article “The religion of Islam” the author writes that “the date the written history of West Africa begins The Muslim Arab historians began to write about West Africa in the early 8th century. Islam reached the Savannah region in the 8th Century C.E., Islam was accepted as early as 850 C.E”. Islam in Africa today is the most common and popular religion where most of its people are Muslims it has been doubling since the mid 7th century and now it is more than a half of Africa’s…show more content…
In the article “Islam in Somalia” the write says that “it has been a part of there religion for more the 1400 years and is a massive part of there society”. It was found shorty after the Hijri from the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. The mosque of Islamic Solidarity is one of the largest mosques in the area and the Masjid al Qiblatayn is one of the oldest mosque. In the article “Religion” the author writes “Somalia further up the coast, where the port of Zeila became very important in the 10th century in response to the political centre of the Muslim world moving from Mecca to Baghdad”. Moreover Mauritanians is also an Islamic Republic since 1960, it was spread when the Muslims arrived to the west it was not as late as the 19th century when it became an Islamic state it increased rapidly from that century. Somalia and Mauritanians are both Islamic state since there Muslim population is about 100 % in addition they both have more Sunni

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