Influence Of John Steinbeck In American Society

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John Steinbeck plays a significant role in the literary works of the American society because of the unique attributes of language and art that he applied to his social perception of society during his era. Being born of a middle-class family in the February of 1902, John was inspired into the arts by his mother, a teacher, he later took on six years of literature and creative courses at Standford without obtaining a degree. After college, the young Steinbeck wrote his first novel, Cup of Gold, in 1929, but it was the novel Tortilla Flat in 1935 that gave Steinbeck his successful debut. His published works shaped many social and politic aspects of life in the 20th century. He was known as a “realist” or a “naturalist” when it came to how he wrote his novels and poems. John Steinbeck is undeniably one of the most renowned and outspoken social writers of the early 20th century with contributions from his literary works portraying the American history. Steinbeck remains to be a standing figure in the United States even after his death many years ago. It is because of the hard work and passion that he portrayed while still alive that his image penetrates to the 21st-century generation. Therefore, the first reason as to why Steinbeck became so influential in the society was because of the cultural diversified region in which he grew in. With this in place, he was able to bring out the sense of place in his writings. Since the region was near a border, there were many
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