Influence Of Korean Culture

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One of the most important distinguish aspects of South Korea is their popular culture. It is what shows who they really are and how the country is socioeconomic and technological advance. With the pass of the years, it has been influenced by a lot of internal and external factors until it shaped into the way it is now. South Korean popular cultural is a key component in the process of acculturation between the East and the West, that started to occur thanks to the Korean media development and the success of media companies.
The media of South Korea is very advanced nowadays and is based in the freedom of expression right. However, it has not always been this way. Korea has been influenced in many different ways since its foundation and among the most representative factors we can find globalization, its television programming exporting figure and the media liberalization. All of these helped the country become what it is, an instrument to export the Korean popular culture throughout Asian countries and the whole world.
Korean media liberalization and development was able to trigger what is nowadays known as the “Korean Wave”. The most important period for the Korean media was from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, when liberalization was introduced to the sector. Before this period, only domestic film companies were allowed to import and sell foreign movies in the national market, until in 1988 the Korean government allowed Hollywood Studios to distribute the movies directly,

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