Who Is What Influenced Dorian Gray's Life

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Influence in The Picture of Dorian Gray And The Book of Job The Picture of Dorian gray is a novel written by Oscar Wilde. Dorian Gray is the main character in this book and it revolves around his life and how the characters in the novel influence the protagonist’s life. Dorian Gray is depicted as a wealthy, beautiful, and unspoiled male who changes his life completely by sinning and pleasure after meeting Lord Henry who totally influenced his life. Wilde writes a story whereby the main character Dorian Gray is influenced to embark on a hedonistic life; a life he had feared for a very long time. Dorian was an innocent man who was forced to pursue his desires and later on became hopeless because he never looked into the ethical side of his desires.…show more content…
When he met Lord Henry, his eyes were opened and he was sure that it was his way to freedom for his desires. When they met, Henry says “You, Mr. Gray... with your rose-red youth... and ... boyhood ... you have had passions that have made you afraid... nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul”(Wilde, 25-26). Because of his desires, Dorian was influenced by Henry and he decided to follow his bodily desires because Henry made it clear to him that if he does not, his soul will be sick. Henry’s influence on Dorian was immense; in fact, he became an echo of Henry and followed every bit of what he said in order to satisfy his
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