Influence Of Mass Media On Body Image

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Physical appearance in adolescents is the most frequently noted thing. Usually the desire to appear perfect is often defined by having a slim and proportional body. Due to the influence of advertising and various television shows that always highlight the figure of a slim woman with a clean white face increasingly encourages teenagers to put their ideal standards on beauty and physical perfection. many teenagers spend their time to go to the salon in order to beautify him. even some are doing a strict diet to get a beautiful body shape regardless of his health. their purpose in doing so is to get a beautiful and ideal body. Indirectly they endanger their health and it takes a lot of money to get the beauty they want. They are willing to do anything to get it. It is true that media greatly affect women 's perception of the body image and therefore negatively effect to women.
The beautiful criteria offered by the mass media is not limited to the whites only. Straight and long hair, big breasts, and slim body appear to be the benchmark of mass media in assessing ideal women. Women in various parts of the world who are connected to the media industry have made it ideal for a female body shape. Along with its development, mass media continue to bring up ideal figures that change from time to time. The ideology of mass media in Indonesia began to experience a shift in the New Order era. Ideal female image is no longer only

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