Essay On Dolphus's Appearance In To Kill A Mockingbird

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People are often judged or treated differently depending on their appearance. Dolphus Raymond, a white man who lives among the black community, is seen as an evil man who drinks; however, Dolphus’s appearance throughout the neighborhood is deceptive. This is a prime example of how appearances are misleading in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Dolphus lives a, not bad, but different lifestyle. He drinks from a sack and acts drunk to let others conjecture that he is, indeed, drunk. What the citizens of Maycomb do not know about Mr. Raymond, is that he portrays himself as a drunk, troubled man to give them a reason for his strange behavior. How Dolphus portrays himself in town is not at all who he is.

In Maycomb, Dolphus is often described as something he is not. Scout and Dill discover that Dolphus Raymond is different than his public description. The children were approached by Dolphus when
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People think differently about the Radleys because of their lack of openness to the community. Scout emphasizes the fact that, “The Radleys, welcome anywhere, kept to themselves, a predilection unforgivable in Maycomb. They did not go to church, Maycomb’s principal recreation, but worshiped at home” while she introduced the Radley house to Dill (Lee 11). The Radley family appeared to be strange since they did not share any relationships outside of their house. This allowed people to infer they are cold hearted demons since they simply aren’t like everyone else. They may seem evil or devilish due to their mysterious life, but Arthur is just like every other human in Maycomb. He grew an indirect relationship with Scout and Jem by leaving gifts for them in the oak tree, and even saving their lives when they were attacked by Bob Ewell. Its safe to say that Boo Radley was put in the negative spotlight only because of his appearance and not of his
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