Influence Of Media Influence On Family

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I believe family is defined as a group of individuals who descend from one common ancestor or related by law and genuinely have a love for one another.  Media Influences • Video Games is one example of a media influence as it would relate to family. A child can buy video that is meant for a mature audience and could see things that could change the child’s demeanor and cause the child to develop violent tendencies. This could affect the whole family because this child could potentially cause his siblings to be violent as well. • Social Media can influence choices as it would relate to family. It could impact who the child may decide to hang out with because he or she may think it’s the cool thing to do and the parents of the child may be against the decision that was made. • Media can affect what type of music that a person would like to listen to and the music may not be accepted by the family. • Media may make it seem cool to drink or smoke and this could affect how the child would act around the family. • Celebrities that are often seen in media may endorse things because they are paid to. A child growing up may see something on television that his favorite actor is doing and would to emulate what they are doing. This could potentially affect the whole entire family because the family could end up in jail or doing something that could do something seriously harmful to themselves.  Cultural Influences • Food is one example of a cultural influence as it would relate to

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