Influence Of Media Influence On Society

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An Exploratory Study on Media Influence and Its Effect: An Analysis on the Media Influence and Its Effects on Bersih 4.0 Movement in Malaysia
This study aims to determine the development of mass media and their effort paying in influencing on the public opinion. This article will also bring across to discuss on how the media playing around the society to bring effect on the social and cultural changes on the public opinion and their behavior specifically on the politics site to fight for democratic society. People will shape their opinion which get from the media information and it would bring people connected with each and another where they will develop shared similar interest through the content in the social media. An issue on Bersih Movement in Malaysia will be analysed to find out how media play its role in influencing the society in Malaysia as well as in globally especially on the current issue of Bersih 4.0 assembly. In results, the great impact on the action and support from the publics will help to explain how useful the social media is in changing the minds of the people from different country to come together for the same objective of having the Bersih Assembly.
Keywords: mass media, cultural change, public opinion, media influence, society, media effect

Mass media in generally can be divided into two types which include print media for example newspaper and magazines as well as broadcast media in radio and television form. In all the

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