Influence Of Media On Culture

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Media is a powerful tool, a tool of communication that can make and break opinions. It is important to understand that carries mediated reality and is not the message. Like Marshall McLuhan said, medium is the message. So while media is just a medium of disseminating various messages across the people, it can also be looked at as an industry, as cultural or entertainment industry. Modern mass media including Broadcast media (Tv, Radio), Print media (newspapers, magazines, journals etc) and even New Media (Internet based media), serve 3 prime functions, i.e. Informing, Entertaining and advertising. Advertising is said to have made media a commercial platform, owing to media’s dependency on ads for revenue. Bombardment of messages from various media platforms may have its own ramifications. The images that we see every day and the message that we hear from media can have an impact on our choices. In fact, the choices that we make with regards to our food are also impacted through media.
The gist of this debate lies in the commercialization of media. Marketing of food and beverages has changed options and purchasing requests. Billboards of food items, ads in the radio and television which are often endorsed by big celebrities lures viewers to buy a certain product.

Media effects theories
One of the prominent media effects theory called Cultivation theory given by George Gerbner explains how media cultivates certain values and desires in
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