Influence Of Media On People

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Media is the main means of mass communication that has a wide reach and influences people widely. This essay will explore the degree of that influence which various medias have on people. The different types of media which people are susceptible to are social media, traditional media and new media which includes the internet. Nowadays, with increasing prevalence of the internet and use of media in our society, people of all ages are becoming victims of the powerful influence media has on us. Other factors such as genes and culture also play a huge part in deciding who we are as people but ultimately, the impacts of the media’s influence tend to be more negative as it decides for us how to act and behave, and also, how we can have the tendency to perceive the world situations through a biased eye.

Media shapes who we are in the way we behave and in our perceived morals and values which inevitably affects how we react to situations occurring around us. Nowadays, television shows and movies contribute to shaping who we are. When we watch characters on television, uncontrollably your brain is “figuring out who we are” (Hope Jensen in UA news, 2014, page one). People’s morals and values or things they associate themselves with can get completely eclipsed because it’s always in relation to their characters’ perceived morals and values. For example, in a recent study conducted by Hope Jensen, associate dean of Eller MBA Programmes, they asked college students to make a list of
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