Influence Of Monarchy In The United Kingdom

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4.2 The Power and Influence of the Crown
Since long, the Monarch in the United Kingdom had a great and powerful power and led their Kingdom into greatness. The idea of modern Parliament in United Kingdom can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon era, yet it was only in the 13th century that these forms take shape. As a monarchical system, the Monarch had always relied on the advice of the assembled of the King’s or Queen’s most powerful subjects, wither lords, bishops, and abbots. Then by the late 17th century, the power of the Monarch was declining and the House of Commons gained more favors. Then, the end of the Second World War limited the power and influence of the Monarch. Nowadays, in the United Kingdom, the Monarchy is known as constitutional monarchy. It means, although the Monarch is the Head of State, the ability to make or pass legislation is under the elected Parliament. The question is, how big is the power of the Queen? and how influential is she?
In the present, the Royalty has no political or executive role. This does not mean that they are not important. In United Kingdom especially, the Royals have always been their symbol of unity and pride for the people. As the Head of the State, the Monarch has the constitutional and representational duties. The Queen represent Britain to the rest of the world. Some of the duties that the Monarch hold is to receive foreign ambassadors and high commissioners, entertaining other Head of State visit, making a State visit
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