Influence Of Motivation In The Workplace

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INTRODUCTION Oxford dictionary defines motivation as “Desire or willingness to do something”. Simple word has been studied over the years by different schools of thought: physiological, cognitive and behavioral. Theories have looked at one aspect or the other but none have been able to find complete answer. Question is why this simple idea has not been decoded. Answer lies in the simple fact is that motivation would change from person to person and hence there is no one single correct answer. Motivation at work place has been a very relevant topic of discussion over the years. From the first survey based study on motivation at work place conducted in 1946, we have been trying to find the ways to answer biggest challenge at work place. Challenge is to keep people motivated, especially those who have been doing same work over and over for years, for years so as to retain the best of the talent with the firm. In this report, we have tried to study motivating factors at work place. Based on the survey conducted along with the secondary research, we have tried to identify the factors that keep people interested at workplace. WHAT IS MOTIVATION? Motivation has been defined by various thought processed like physiological, cognitive and behavioral. Physiological says that behavior is determined by physiological need. Cognitive says that behavior is based on rational thought process. Behaviorist think that behavior can be encouraged or discouraged through rewards. One of the most
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