Influence Of Movies In Real Life

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Many people do not look into what sparks our emotions or actions in life. Some people are easily influenced more than others, but can our minds become influenced without us realizing? Consequently, with the new trends, social media, and society, our minds are bound to be swayed one way or another. I had a realization, that one of the most popular ways for people to entertain themselves is watching movies. If we are influenced by what we watch, then how do movies affect our way of thinking or reactions in real life? For people trying to fit stereotypes or the actions that the characters take, I know that we sometimes tend to shape our personalities or self-identity to correspond with what we see on a TV screen. For example, the movie 10 Things I Hate About You is about two completely opposite people that fall in love under incidental circumstances. In real life, some expect that their lives match the popular cliche.In addition, I also know that the type of movies we watch can say something about our personality or the way our mind handle things. Likewise, whether you know it or not, movies can have an affect on you physically and emotionally. Since, watching movies has been a common way for people to entertain themselves, this could be an informative topic. But, how do movies affect us in these ways? Why do we find movies so intriguing? If we know that certain movies are fictional, why do they trigger so much emotion?

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