Language In Movies

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Register to read the introduction…This occurs on two levels: first in terms of general vocabulary-karma, kismet- and secondly, on a more conversational level, with the use of catch phrases from films, “Bond… James Bond” or “You talkin’to me”. Hence language has had a vital impact on people as people adopt various languages and cultures by watching movies. For example the impact of Bollywood especially in Pakistan is huge where many people learn dialogues and words from these movies and use them in their daily lives not only this but they also adopt many practices from their culture such as the celebration of Hindu festivals like Holi. It is very important to use correct language in films. The roles played in films do develop our language skills. The slang words used are mostly derived from films. Movies have created a whole new set of vocabulary; hence there is a blend of languages as people now days do mix up languages while conversing with their friends or relatives. Bollywood has created a mixture of Hindi and Urdu language, people do not actually realize when talking that the words they use, are they Hindi words or Urdu. All over Pakistan…show more content…
There are different sorts of genres the film industry shows to us but however the dialogues spoken should be carefully be chosen. Movie play a vital role in every individual’s life and movies do give an edge to the viewers to actually learn another new language. However films can also have a positive impact as films are being blamed for teaching abusive and making their use common, they are also teaching some new words to its viewers. Some words are there which people don’t know of, and some dialogues contain those words. By seeing how the new word has been used on scene people can guess its meaning easily. So films are also responsible for widening viewer’s
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