Influence Of Movies On Movies

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The cinema invented during the 1890s, appeared in the wake of the industrial revolution, as did the telephone, the phonograph etc. Like them, it was a technological device that became the basis of a large industry. It was also a new form of entertainment and a new artistic medium. Movies have played an essential role in altering the vocabulary of present day man. If we look at the amount of ‘foreign films’ that make the leap from their own culture to a subtitled English speaking world, the number is infinitely smaller than the number of films which are exported to areas where the first language is not English. This is just one of many examples of how languages are exported through movies. The resulting effect is the dissemination of one’s culture and language. For example Britains are familiar with the language of the sub-continent, we are more likely to find teenagers in the UK using Indian terms. This occurs on two levels: first in terms of general vocabulary-karma, kismet- and secondly, on a more conversational level, with the use of catch phrases from films, “Bond… James Bond” or “You talkin’to me”. Hence language has had a vital impact on people as people adopt various languages and cultures by watching movies. For example the impact of Bollywood especially in Pakistan is huge where many people learn dialogues and words from these movies and use them in their daily lives not only this but they also adopt many practices from their culture such as the celebration of Hindu
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