Multicultural Education Case Study

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1. According to Banks (2005), multicultural education means that everyone, regardless of their social class, ethnic groups, gender or cultural characteristics, has equal opportunity to learn and study in schools. In other words, bias against any specific groups is not encouraged as everyone has equal rights to receive education. Under the ‘Dimensions of Multicultural Education’ by Banks (2005), he listed out the various areas that schools could focus on when they are promoting multicultural education in schools. The various areas place great emphasis on the attitudes of teachers and the responses of schools towards the effective promotion of multicultural education in schools. In my opinion, I feel that these dimensions pointed out by Banks…show more content…
These show that there is no equal opportunity for admission into schools as priority to entry to a school is dependent on the social class of the child’s parents.

I feel that by using social class of parents as a way to determine which child could be selected to study in prestigious schools, it worsens the situation of social immobility because it would mean that children who comes from low-income family could only study in neighbourhood schools and they might not receive an education that is as good as in prestigious schools. As a result, it might affect their capabilities and their income for their work in the future which have an impact on their social class in the future as
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Through global education, we would be exposed to social issues around the world and understand how various issues would affect Singapore. Since Singapore is very vulnerable to the impacts from other countries, we would learn to be more sensitive towards issues and to get insights from other countries on different management strategies. The relevance of global education in Singapore could be seen through the introduction of social studies in our education system. According to Ho (2009), the aims of social studies will develop our citizens into sensitive individuals and ones who have empathy towards others as the curriculum involves issues in Singapore as well as the managing international relations with other countries. Therefore, citizens would be exposed to the differences between people of different countries and learn to embrace the cultural

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