How Does Music Affect The Body

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Music and Its Healing Influence for Health
Music is one of a large part of our lives. From a store to your bathroom, music surrounds us. But have you realize what does music do for our body? Especially for our heart?
Music Is for Your Body and Mind
Music can create peace and happiness. It also can be uplifting. Music can give you extra motivations you need to run a couple miles or reach another set of weights. Music may prepare your mental before a challenge, give beats to dance to, or just simply provide entertainments. Music is ingrained for many of us.
Since music beats is a heart column, the question will be: What does the music do to our heart? Can it reduce disease or hopefully improve longevity and long-term health?
Music Consciously and Subconsciously Influences Our Body
Our bodies and minds immediately acknowledge the presence of music.
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Some people take advantage of this natural reaction to music for their heart patients. They ask patients what the favorite music is, and play it during heart procedures when they need mild sedation. Because for many patients, music can take the edge off.
Music Lowers Blood Pressure
It may not be astonishing that music can lower blood pressure, which increases naturally with stress. Several reduction in blood pressure with music procedure likely relates well to the fact that it can lower anxiety, as discussed before. But in people who suffer from high blood pressure, it may be used directly to lower their blood pressure. In patients who suffer with high blood pressure, study shows that as music starts to influence the body, breaths become deeper, the respiratory rate slows, and blood pressure is reduced.
If some of you find you’re struggling with high blood pressure despite medications, consider this principle of relaxation, and use music that can calm and relax you.
Music Serves Pain

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