Contemporary Nursing Influence

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Many influences even though the historical or contemporary that is important to shape the profession of nursing. The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 [HPCA] and Nursing Council of New Zealand Code of Conduct for Nurses 2012 [COC] underpin the nursing practice, in order to promote the nursing profession. Professional boundaries play an important role in nursing. This essay will identify and discuss how the historical influence which is Florence Nightingale and the contemporary influence that is education has shaped the profession of nursing, the purpose and impact of the HPCA and COC on nursing, how they are implemented in the workplace and also define and explain the importance of the professional boundaries in nursing.

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In 1870, nursing had been learnt from the mothers to the daughters. Now it has been changed to the school education that the students learn the nursing skill from the nursing professionals and the education programs of nursing keep developing from the 1900s to now that the diploma school has been changed to BSN, AND, and the postgraduate school has also been replaced by Master degree, CNL, PhD, DNSc, ND and DNP (Martha, n.d.). Therefore, the people have more chance to learn and be the nurse. Education programs also produce more and more professional nurses for the world to develop the nursing profession. Nursing education provides the nursing theories and practical training for the students to help them learn the knowledge of nursing and their duties, in order to protect patient safety and the safety of the public. Nursing school education also set up the classes of the nursing professionals that share their own experience in nursing life. It let the nursing students acknowledge how influential the take care of the patients is that little mistake will make huge damage/harm to patients or to the public. In order to ensure that students have the competence and are ready to be in work, the school has the exam process to test the students. All the education programs help to produce the professional nurses for the public and all take the responsibility of teaching and testing the students…show more content…
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