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A research was done by Na li and Ping Zhang on Consumer behavior towards online shopping. They say that According to UCLA Center for Communication Policy (2001), online shopping has become the third most popular Internet activity. They say that the Internet users, 48.9 percent made online purchases in 2001, with three-quarters of purchasers indicating that they make 1-10 purchases per year (2001).
Online shopping is the behavior in which people buy things they want to or they cant find easily in stores , online. In researchers opinion there are 5 steps in online shopping.
In the typical online shopping process,
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The researchers seem to take different perspectives and focus on different factors in different ways. For example, Case, Burns, and Dick (2001, p.873) suggest that internet knowledge, income, and education level are especially powerful predictors of Internet purchases among university students according to an online survey of 425 U.S. undergraduate and MBA students. Ho and Wu (1999) discover that there are positive relationships between online shopping behavior and five categories of factors, which include online stores logistical support, product characteristics, websites technological characteristics, information characteristics, and homepage presentation. Schubert and Selz (1999) examine the quality factors of electronic commerce sites in terms of information, agreement, and settlement…show more content…
These ten factors were external environment, demographics, personal characteristics, vender/service/ product characteristics, attitude towards online shopping, intention of the consumer to shop online, online shopping decision making, online purchasing, and consumer satisfaction. Five (external environment, demographics, personal characteristics, vendor/service/product characteristics, and website quality) were found to be ordinarily independent and five (attitude toward online shopping, intention to shop online, decision making, online purchasing, and consumer satisfaction) are ordinarily dependent variables in the empirical literature.

By summarizing the current studies based on IS literature review and analysis, the research identifies ten factors in the area of online shopping and proposes a model describing and predicting the relationships among these aspects. It provides a comprehensive picture of the status of this area. This model needs to be validated either theoretically or empirically in future

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