Influence Of Public Administration In The Philippines

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Public administration can be considered an ancient concept. Traced through the civilizations of the Greeks and up to the 21st century. Albeit the concept sprouted in Europe, public administration was rooted in the US, as it indigenizes the "cameralistics" of the European (Cariño, 1990/2003). Forthwith, Americans have brought the concept of public administration into different countries including the Philippines. Moreover, the records of public administration as a discipline created numbers of views. In which, certain views are rooted from the cultural experiences of the nation. Public administration was a western concept that spread throughout the world. Where different views were given and practice up to now. However, does the western views applies to the rest of the world? Given that different form of government exist and cultures influence the way people live. In the "Contribution of the Perspective of Public Administration" of Ledivina Cariño, she tried to debunk the concept of public administration into Philippine context. Public administration is relatively young discipline in the Philippine, which just been introduced in the year 1952 (Cariño, 1990/2003). However, the acknowledgment of public administration is in the year 1980 's. Nevertheless, the influence of public administration in the Philippines is evident. In an article by Ledivina V. Cariño, various points were raised regarding the public administration in the Philippines. First point raise, the core of
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