Influence Of Religion Dbq

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The Influence of Religion

The Gutenberg printing press, which printed the very first Bible in 1445, helped spread religion throughout the Holy Roman Empire, and other regions. The spread of the Bible caused perspectives to change regarding religion which led to the rebellion of peasants. It can be argued that religion had nothing to do with the revolt of peasants, however, the different point of views of whether or not peasants should be treated the same caused the peasant uprising in Germany from 1524 to 1525.

Religion helped the peasants realize they should not be held as serfs anymore. Because of their strong convictions they decided to write the Articles of the Swabian Peasants displaying what they believed and deserved as peasants.
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They believed that society and religion are two separate ideas, which is also known as secularism, and should not be associated together. Their perspectives and ideas about religion and society didn’t mix well with the peasants, which helped the stirring of the peasants revolt. The Memmingen Town Council replied to the Articles and agreed they would “release and absolve its subjects from such serfdom that they control, if the peasants would pay them a reasonable amount of money” (Document 3). The Council is aware that peasants barely make enough money to support themselves, and so they know their agreement won’t be fulfilled. About 2 months after the Council’s response, the peasants violently take matters in their own hands and start robbing and raging throughout the town. Martin Luther was very angry about this, he believed that they forgot their place in the society, and how they are just peasants, nothing more (Document 5). Luther believed they were liars, and their Articles were not inspired by God. Lastly, Caspar Nützel hoped that God would grant peace throughout the society. As said by him in document 6, “It is indeed true that the poor, blind, and ignorant peasants have overstepped the mark with their unseemly behavior.” Caspar’s perspective of religion, along with the others, caused the uprising of peasants in

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