Influence Of Resilience In The Military

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Where does resiliency come from Have you ever seen a baby smaller then your hand? Not likely you might say. In reality this happens a lot. The most common cause is the baby is born very premature due to something wrong with the baby or the mother. That's where a neonatologist comes in. They are the doctors that try their hardest to save these little guys. But it’s not just the doctor that is trying it’s hardest to survive. That tiny little baby is fighting for it’s life. Even when the heart is sometimes as small as a quarter it is still trying it’s hardest to keep fighting for a right to live. And a lot of times they keep fighting until he is big enough and strong enough to live on his own. They show resilience when they are that small.…show more content…
I also believe that you can learn it as you grow but you always have some. You can be trained like someone in the military or you can have a job where you don’t need to be trained resiliency like you do in the military. I think the person in the military would have more resiliency than a person with a normal job. “Psychological resilience is important for the military community with regard to keeping military members and leaders fit for duty and to protecting the health and well being of military families”(Meredith). But as I said I also think you are born with resiliency. You may only have a little bit of resiliency in you but I believe you still have it. And as they grow up and get more mature they get more resilient. When you fall down and scrape your knee you get back up more resilient and next time you fall down and scrape your knee it will not hurt as bad. And the more times it happens the more resilient you will become. “Even if someone has already experienced more trauma than they can handle, there is still a chance to build resilience and come back to a more balanced state”. ("Trauma and Resilience”) With the technology and medicine etc nowadays all of us will have different resilience than people of many different ages. That's why I think you are born with some resilience but you also have to adapt and learn different ways to be
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