Influence Of Social Media On Brand Consciousness

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Heidi Cohen (marketer for Citibank and The Economists) explains that it is quite difficult to define social media marketing since the social media environment continues its expansion and change. Social media marketing has numerous benefits such as: brand credibility, increase in sales, increased exposure, strong online presence which enhances the company’s reliability, reduced market costs, rapid access to consumer feedback and a strong business-client relationship.

At the beginning, online social platforms targeted a young audience (teenagers and young people in their early and mid-twenties), but now they are attracting other demographic groups as well. As a consequence, the online environment is filled with career-based social networks,
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Title: Influence of Social Media on Brand Consciousness: A Study of Apparel in Karachi
Brand consciousnesses refer to the degree to which people go for brand name to make purchase decisions. (Ralph p.57). It is a matter that a brand has distinct image, quality, attributes as far as their name and functions are concerned. Social media is the tools and strategies to connect with consumers where they can share or exchange information, ideas & experience in virtual communication and network (Wikipedia).share or exchange information, ideas & experience in virtual communication and network (Wikipedia).

The marketers’ created information on social media, affect customer’s perception about brands. Social media allowing the marketers to brought a new aliveness to the business world and have emerged with a lot of distinction and eminence in the way of influencing consumers

. Brands are important attracting factor for consumer buying decision (Leibeck, 1996). Ralph Wright (1999) in his research said that in making a purchase decision the brand has a prevalent stratagem. When consumers have a high level of brand consciousness,they are likely to believe that brands are symbols of both status and prestige (Liao and Wang, 2009). Because of this perception of brand-name products, consumers who are highly brand conscious prefer to purchase expensive, well-known products rather than lesser-known brands (Lehman and Winer,
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Social media is engaging with consumers online. According to Wikipedia, social media is internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. Social media is all about networking and networking in a way that espouses trust among parties and communities involved. Any website which allows user to share their content, opinions, views and encourages interaction and community building can be classified as a social media. Some popular social media sites are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Scribd, Flickr etc.

Social media marketing consists of the attempt to use social media to persuade consumers that one's company, products and/or services are worthwhile. Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more. Lazer and Kelly’s (1973) define social marketing as "concerned with the application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to enhance social as well as economic

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