Influence Of Social Media On Consumer Behaviour

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Introduction Nowadays, social media act an important role in marketing, it allows people share informations and express ideas throughout the internet, it changes the way of communication between companies and consumers. Companies are focusing more on the social media marketing and concern about the interaction with the consumers. People are more likely to see the world through the social media, they spend more and more time interacting with social media and this phenomenal changes the consumer behaviour. Consumer’s purchasing decision is no longer only affected by the traditional advertising such as TV commercials or magazines, but the digital advertising - the social media. Consumers are more likely to be influenced by the social environment around them, be active on social platform and willing to trust the “word of mouth” among the social media.…show more content…
Consumers tend to look for informations,comments or videos on social media about beauty product, especially to those public figure, YouTuber or celebrity who like to share their ideas or opinions of using different beauty products. Thus, beauty brands alter their marketing focus more on social media to use new platforms like websites and blogs. Those public figure, YouTuber, celebrity and netizen created a power on social media and form a social community which can influence the behaviour of consumers.This show the evidence that how social media has influenced the beauty brands and the consumer

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