Social Media Influence On People

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Social Media Has a Positive Influence on People Social media, who does not know this nowadays…. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so there are thousands of different social media platforms. Almost everyone all over the world uses one of these platforms. Find an old friend on Facebook, watch a funny video on YouTube or send a tweet to that handsome actor. Social media is here to stay. There are currently more than two billion social media accounts worldwide. Of course there is a reason why: people are happy with social media. This is the reason why social media has a positive influence on people. In this position paper, the different aspects of the claim, Social Media Has A positive influence on people, will be explained. We look at the…show more content…
When a company actively uses social media they can reach much easier they their target then when they do it in other ways. Think about marketing, customer relationships, service delivery, etc. In this way they can, through social media for example, gain better insight into the mind of the consumer and also analyze their purchasing behavior. This allows a company quite nicely to respond to all the needs of the consumer and this makes consumers happier. Social media also offers consumers the opportunity to give their feedback much easier, so companies can respond more quickly. This contributes to a higher customer satisfaction. Research (Nielsen, 2012) for example shows that in the United States more and more people gather their information, ask questions and express complaints, through social media. Companies often put "webcare teams" in. They focus on how the company or its products and services on the Internet, especially through social media, come into the picture. This is then acted on and the improvement of products and services can be implemented more quickly. This is also why in the Netherlands alone, four out of ten companies make use of social media. Social media is an inexpensive and easy to use way of reaching the entire target group and ultimately to influence consumers in a positive way. These findings also are consistent with the inquiries E. Qualman described in his book "Socialnomics: How Social…show more content…
Social media gives your confidence a boost. Social media provides lots of forums where people can express their views on various things. This allows everyone to talk about certain subjects. Through these forums, people find out that they belong to a certain group and not just stand alone. This provides confirmation and therefore boost their confidence. It also helps social media for many people therapeutically. You can be anonymous on social media so you can tell your story about your problems and if you're lucky you can find other people who have experienced something similar. Those people will listen and that is what you need at that moment. Social media helps people to make people the person they are now today. By all the influences that exist in social media a person finds out who he or she really wants to be. They can develop their own style based of the influences. Because you have access to the social media world, people are easily influenced by new styles from around the world. Because of the fact that there are many YouTube channels where known vloggers will tell you to stand up for yourself and just have to be who you want to be, it really helps people to develop their identity. They show that it does not matter if you are different, you must be happy as you are. The vloggers also give people through these vlogs a huge boost in their
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