Influence Of Socialisation In Sociology

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Socialisation is a big factor in the influence on behaviour, socialization refers to the behaviour we learn and what we see as the norms and values of our society. There are two types of socialization; Primary and secondary. Primary socialization is what we are socialized to by our family, and this is probably the main environmental pressure when learning the ideologies of society. This is because family are, for most of us, the people we spend the most time with and look up to. We are therefore more likely to copy the behaviour of the parents and or siblings and think that their morals are correct. This is supported by the study conducted by Bandura, also known as the Bobo doll study. Bandura put forward that they can learn from vicarious experiences and he set out to prove this by conducting the bobo doll study. Bandura and his colleagues did a laboratory experiment with children (half male and half female) between the ages 3 and 6. First of all the children were asked to take an aggression test and were then put into one of three categories; a control group with no model, adult aggressive or adult not aggressive. They matched up the children to each group so each group had about the same level of aggression as each other. The children were each divided into boys and girls and then further divided into halves, one half having a same sex model and the other having opposite sex models. Bandura did this because he wanted to see if the sex of the adult had any effect on
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