Influence Of Sociology In My Life

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Introduction Sociology is the study of the society systematically; it contains the order of relationship of social, culture and communication of society. Before the development of Sociology, the society’s study was conducted in unsystematic method. It is only possible the systematic study of society by the sociology study. Studying sociology is necessary to learn about the society’s factors and institutions and their impact on population and individual. It is only possible by systematic study of sociology about the study of factors of society and great institutions. The Government, Religion, Economy, family, friends, education, Culture, Neighborhood, work are some of these institutions through which society functions. Sociology analyses these institutions and their act in the improvement of the personal and recommend appropriate action for developing. This paper is describing about three societal factors that influenced my life; they are Education, Culture and family. Education Education has great impact on my life. The influence of education in life of peoples contains decreasing poverty, raising opportunities, and diseases and other health problems reduced. And also education makes character of a person better. By giving good environment of work to peoples, Education assists to decrease the poverty. And Education helps to get a job, it makes opportunities. When compared to the people with lower level of education, the people with high education receiving more income.
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