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Abstract People sport for various reasons and often because of the many positive associations that come with it, making sporting a part of our lifestyles. Some may wonder why they enjoy doing sports and it’s not often people sit down and anaylise what kinds of motivators that drive them to practise sports. To measure whether internal or external factors give a stronger influence in motivating people to practise sport, 36 university students in SIM completed the Sport Motivation Scale (SMS-28) questionnaires by rating 28 items in a scale from one to seven. As hypothesised, participants scored higher mean values (M = 22.67, 21.61 & 21.58) under the intrinsic (internal) motivation category. The results suggest that university students are more intrinsically motivated in practising their sports, that they simply enjoy doing the activity without expecting any tangible rewards in return. Factors That Motivate University Students to Sport: Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Amotivation Many people are active in sports during their university years, but what makes them stay in the activity? What are the factors that encourage them to continue doing their sports? Factors can either be from internal or external sources. But which has a stronger influence in motivating people to practise their sports? Shaw, Gorely and Corban (2005) defined that wanting to do something for purely yourself due to personal interest or self recognition is intrinsic motivation. The joy simply comes from within by

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