Influence Of Sports On People's Health

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The Influence of Sports on people’s health
Fatemah AlMullaali
American University of The Middle East

Have you ever thought of the reasons behind why any kind of sport is considered to be preserver of health? Well, several people don’t really notice the reasons behind the importance of it in their daily lives. Due to this, people tend to not participate in sports because they are not encouraged enough to do so. Sports are one of the major things in life that have an extreme influence on people’s healthiness. Being healthy is the reason behind why people get the feeling of “complete physical, mental, social and intellectual well being” (Aspee, 2016). Since health is something extremely momentous for everyone, participating in any sport is a must in order for the maintenance of it. Sports are considered to have a positive influence on people’s health because of their impact on psychological disorders, their assistance in weight maintenance, and their tremendous effect on reducing various body diseases. Any sport can be a method of mental rehabilitation for individuals with psychological illnesses. There are so many psychological disorders that many people face, such as, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, insomnia, etc. Since many people face these psychological disorders, they are truly one of the main concerns in life. For example, sports could actually encourage self-confidence. For those who are not sociable with others, participating in sports is a way
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