Influence Of The Mayan Civilization

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About 2,000 years ago in middle America, the Mayan civilization was starting to appear. In the following years, this civilization proved to be one of the most influential and successful ones at the time, as well as being influential in the fields of science and astrology and astronomy. Their influences are still felt today and are still a part of the world right now. One of the first and most prominent civilizations in Middle America has always been the Mayans. The Mayan civilization lasted many decades and continues to be influential to the people of central America and the world.
It is said that the Mayans were influenced, or derived, from the earliest settlers of central America, the Olmecs. The Mayan people were spread throughout Central America in places such as present day Mexico and all the way to Honduras but centered mainly in Guatemala. (, “Locating the Maya”) The Mayan people accomplished many things and became a big influence to later civilizations. For a civilization that started in isolation from the rest of the world, they were able to accomplish many things that the rest of the world had done before. For example, the Mayans, a polytheistic society, lived in structured cities where they had built temples, structures, statues and pyramids without the help of the wheel. Their most prominent accomplishment can still be seen today in the Yucatan Peninsula at Chichen Itza.
Secondly, the Mayans were also skilled in the fields of science and astronomy.
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