Influence Of The Toltec Of Tula

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I believe that the Toltec of Tula was a highly influential kingdom, not an empire. For example, the Aztecs would look up to the Toltec. They saw the Toltec as glamorous. The Aztecs went to Tula’s sites and looted items to bring back to their own centers. For example, in the Palacio Quemado site, there have been many sculpted pieces lost due to the Aztecs looting the place to bring them back to their ceremonial center. The Toltec influence was also seen in other places. In West Mexico, “after the decline of its indigenous Teuchitlan tradition, architecture expressed the Mesoamerican pattern if rectangular platforms facing onto plazas” (Evans, pg. 419). These patterns appear to be influenced from the Toltec since they had ceremonial centers built around rectangular plazas too.

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