Influence Of Vanity In The Crucible

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Do you think that your decisions are your own or are they based on what someone else has done because I believe that our behavior is influenced by other people 's opinions and actions.
Vanity we have all heard of being vain but in Arthur Miller 's play the Crucible vanity has a great effect than it does now because all we have to do is look at your phone to find the most liked clothing or car and then you would want the same thing or change the moment something else is liked more. The Crucible includes characters driven by vanity an example would be reverend parris and his golden candlesticks or trying to save his own life by postponing the executions.
Those of you who believe vanity does not have a grip on you than i will tell you vanity influences things you do more than anyone realises because everyone wants the things someone else likes or favorites these are why I know vanity has a major influence over
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People believe they are good honest members of society and follow only what they think about not what others say or think. There are people who say they are the first to do something or about how they thought of an activity first and that no one else has done it. My sister says the way she wears her clothes is her own personal style and that no one else wears it like she does. In the Crucible people believe Reverends are incapable of sin that they are blessed by gods light. The sad truth is no one is original everything has been done before all these styles we see people say they started have been done before because everyone just copies other in a classic trip into vanity trying to look like those people on tv or in magazines. My sisters clothing style was not her own in fact she got the idea from some celebrity on tv. The crucible over hyped Reverends when it showed they are too capable of sin a sin called vanity Parris shows it quite often such with his golden candlesticks and trying to save his own neck. So are your ideas your own or are they someone
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