Influence Of Video Games On Teens

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What you need to know about video games and how it affects teens

HOOK Most people realize that video games can have an influence on teens. Let’s say there are two brothers. One plays games that involve critical thinking and strategies and doesn’t play too often. The other brother plays games that have shooting, violence, and tends to stay up all night playing. As a result, the first child has good behavior, good grades, and better problem-solving skills. The second child has aggressive behavior, his grades are slipping, and is becoming more distracted and violent. This shows that depending on what kind of games they play and how long they play, it still had an impact on them and it could have an impact on others too.

Video games can have a big effect on teens both positive and negative. BODY 1 Before video games, children did other things to occupy themselves. Such as play with toys, do chores, or even go outdoors. However, over the years technology has taken over. Video games have been around since the 1970s and have evolved since then. They come in a variety of different genres. Action, adventure, strategy, sports, shooting, and those are only some of the options. An average of 97 percent of
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