Influence On Education: The Importance Of Education

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Education is one of the five prime necessities everyone has a right over. Everyone should be given the opportunity to literate and educate themselves. There is a difference between educated and literate people. Literacy is knowing how to read and write. Education gives the ability to read and write to your benefit. Education also gives the capability to think rationally. Education basically divided into various stages such as primary school, high school, college and university. The world has already witnessed much destruction that resulted from the world wars. Because of some illiterate and egoistic people wars like those were triggered twice. It had left much annihilation behind. Only if those people were educated, such situations like those…show more content…
Education allows people to go deep and learn about the actual world . Only literate people can lead a nation to advancement. Let 's consider Africa for example. Africa is one of the most wiped out nation in the world. African people still are not aware of the recent developments that has taken place over the last few decades. People still walk half-naked on the village streets of most African countries. Africa is one of the most productive and resourceful nation, yet it cannot provide adequate education to its citizens due to corrupt judicial system which does not let the money, people from all around the world donates, reach them. If it had educate it 's citizens, it would have been a developed nation like…show more content…
Government schools do not have large campuses and advanced facilities. The campuses are mostly medium sized, whereas the students come in bulk. Sometimes students have to do classes without light and fan due to power-cuts. As a result gets demotivated. In contrast, private schools are providing air-coolers, led lights, decent environment, highly educated teachers, bigger campuses, generators and high-tech ICT, Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratory. Such stuff greatly encourages a student to attend school more often. Rich people often send their childrens onto some multi-national university in abroad for their further studies. There are bigger and better opportunities in abroad. In contrast, Harvard University, which is one of the most exclusive university in the world charges a whopping sum of $47500. The figures prove that the low-standard people can only imagine of getting their child admitted there. Financially wiped out students eventually loose interest from studies as they assume that their parents will not be able to bear the expenses for their further studies later in the future. And so they quits school and join their parents at work. At such a crucial stage of their life, they can be easily

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