Co Curricular Activities Essay

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CHAPTER 1 1.1 Introduction Co-curricular refers activities or programme which is normally involved the students and take place outside of school or university or after regular learning hours. Co-curricular is separate from academic courses also it is not allowed the students to earn academic credit while joining the co-curricular activities. However, co-curricular are crucial to students nowadays as the students are reminded to be active in extra co-curricular activities as an additional condition to further their studies in university or college. Deputy Higher Education Minister said this was because there where students can not be enrolled in the course due to not taking the field when the school curriculum. According to university is not something that is difficult but a students required two initial inventory of outstanding academic achievement and 10 percent in the curriculum. Generally speaking, co-curricular activities are extension of formal learning at school or university. Reserve Officer Training Unit…show more content…
How they will manage their times for academic and co-curricular is depending on themselves. What are the pro and cons while joining these extra co-curricular, is joining the extra co-curricular will affect their studies positively or negatively depending upon the activity they choose. A research conducted by the education department of the United States of America discovered that a students who actively joining the extra co-curricular activities are more likely to have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 and above as compared to those who not involved in co-curricular activities. Another study also proved that regardless of the fact that students who belong to different areas, their achievement in past , the home participation positively improved their GPA in
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