Influences Academic Stress Among University Students

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The purpose of this research report, was to investigate whether perceived stress influences academic performances among university students, as stress is a constant factor with regard to university students. A total of 20 participants, both male and female, were involved, all located within the University of Cape Town. All participants were between the ages of 18 and 30. Each participant completed a questionnaire regarding their academic performances as well as any perceived stress that was experienced during the first semester. In addition, participants were asked to rate their levels of stress during the examination period. Results were obtained through descriptive statistics. The results obtained concluded that there was no strong and definite…show more content…
With academic performance it is also significantly important to understand that students within university go through a lot of challenges to protect their health and initiate a good support system. Students need to feel supported by the individuals who surround them in order to succeed with their academic life which can develop into financial stability in the future. Previous studies have conducted not only the relationship between stress and academic performance but, they have also identified predominant factors that influence stress among university students. Sommer and Dumont (2011), put forward a research investigation where they speculated that psychosocial factors (example, motivation; self-esteem; perceived stress, academic overload) may predict academic performance among students at a historically disadvantage university (Sommer, Dumont, 2011). They concluded that, perceived stress negatively impacted student’s adjustment to university, hence student’s academic results took a strain. In addition, their study indicated that students who were well adjusted to academic and personal demands as well as felt a sense of belonging to the

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