Influences In Macbeth

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The tragedy of Macbeth is a complex of events that leaves you wondering who is responsible for the choices and actions of Macbeth. There are external influences that cause Macbeth to take the actions he takes. The main influences of Macbeth 's choices are two, and the first are the prophecies of the witches, the second is the advice that he receives from Lady Macbeth. However, it is my opinion that the decision and actions that he takes are completely dependent on him despite the pressure he gets from his wife and the prophecy of the witches.
The witches find Macbeth when he is already a successful man and probably well respected in the ranks of the army of Scotland. He has just been from serving the King of Scotland and is therefore quite happy with the events that have taken place. The witches come to him at such a time with prospects of a better and greater future than the one he lives in presently and sooner than he can imagine the prophecies start coming true, which he reports to his wife (Shakespeare 361). The prophecies are quite in line with his ambitions but contemplating the path that he may have to take makes him feel fearful, Banquo notices this and asks him why he starts and fears (Shakespeare 355). This quite shows that Macbeth is aware that
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They point out to the fact that she would provide the circumstances “wind” and a favorable opportunity but the actions would belong to Macbeth’s (Shakespeare 355). They also point out at the malice in their intentions and the reason why they will provide the opportunity. This is all visible in the statement of the witch who promises to give the wind to punish the sailor for the wrong done to the witch by the sailor’s wife when she refused to share some chestnuts (Shakespeare 355). Thus it is clear that the witch only intends to use him for revenge despite the fact that he stands to satisfy his ambition for a

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